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Commissioner x Annam Miami Dinner

Sangam Desert

Commissioner presents Sangam / Desert, in collaboration with Annam Miami, and inspired by artist Stuart Sheldon’s For Freedoms Billboard project. Join us for an experiential five-course, plant-based meal that explores the issues of abundance and scarcity and the journey our food takes to reach our plates.

During this eclectic evening, where ideas converge at the intersection of food, art and activism, Commissioner members are invited to purchase tickets or volunteer to help serve and work in the kitchen.

Discounted tickets exclusively available to Commissioner Collectors, Patrons and Alumni. Use your promo code (sent via email) to purchase your tickets here. Didn’t get the code? Email us at

Friday, November 8, 7 to 10pm
Dimensions Variable
101 NW 79th St., Miami

About the Event

Sangam / Desert

san·gam - a word of Sanskrit origin that denotes a place of confluence, where rivers flow together and become one.

de·sert - a dry, barren area of land, that is characteristically desolate, waterless, and without vegetation.

Many urban communities in this country have limited access to affordable and nutritious food. Sustenance can often only be derived from processed foods found in gas stations and fast food outlets. These nutritional 'deserts' are in stark contrast with the more affluent oases which have an abundance of supermarkets and fresh produce. Inspired by Stuart Sheldon’s For Freedoms project, this Sangam dinner offers a space where people and ideas converge to discuss the intersection of food, art and activism. 

Special guest artist Cara Despain will also join Annam Miami to create a space for discussion and future action around food, social justice and other pressing issues facing our society.

About ANNAM Miami

ANNAM is not a restaurant, partnering with local cultural institutions creating pop-up meals and events. ANNAM means cooked rice in the Telugu language and refers symbolically to the meal itself. 'Annam Tindamma' (let's eat dinner) is a familiar call uttered by moms in South Indian homes.

About Stuart Sheldon / For Freedoms

Stuart Sheldon is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his meticulous collage paintings and large-scale, immersive installations exploring language, classic literature and social justice. Sheldon’s 2018 billboard, How Was School Today?, appeared on I-95 in Florida for two months as part of For Freedoms’ 50-State Initiative. For this work, Sheldon won a 2108 Ellies Creator Award from Oolite Arts, honoring “the backbone of Miami’s visual arts community.” As a 2018 ProjectArt artist-in-residence, Sheldon taught art to kids in an underserved Miami public library. He has also created and hosted the public television project, Meet Your Makers, in collaboration with PBS and The New Tropic. Sheldon’s work has been featured at re:publica Berlin, Apollinaire Fine Arts London, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami; and fairs such as, Art Miami, SCOPE and Pinta. The Los Angeles Times wrote, “To him, it’s about urging people ‘at a granular level’ to start over, with less fear and more optimism.”