Thinking of joining Commissioner,
but have some questions?


1. Why are there only 50 Collector
memberships available?


Commissioner works hard to ensure that our collectors receive original, high-quality artwork and get access to an immersive experience. To do so, we’ve limited the commissioned artwork to 50 pieces from each artist, hence only 50 memberships. 


“I don't believe in art. I believe in artists.”

— Marcel DuChamp


2. Who are the participating artists?


Our Season One Commissioner artists included multidisciplinary artists TYPOE, Adler Guerrier, Kelly Breez and Jamilah Sabur. Artists are unveiled every quarter – October 2020, January 2020, March 2020 and May 2020.

Visit the events page to stay up to date on events and artist announcements.

TYPOE | Artwork by Artist 001 Typoe

TYPOE | Artwork by Artist 001 Typoe


3. If I don’t know the artists in advance, how do I know it’s worth my money?


It's okay, we’d ask that question too.

Commissioner works with rising and established Miami artists with the help of our curatorial partner Primary. Commissioner has also been endorsed by Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Fountainhead Residency, Pérez Art Museum Miami and Prizm Art Fair.

For $1,500 - $2,000, you’ll receive four original, limited-edition art pieces and an educational experience about art collecting: take the leap. 


4. Can I subscribe as a Collector or a Patron two years in a row?


No, you cannot rejoin as a Collector once you have completed a season. Collectors who complete one season of the program are able to rejoin as an Alumni. Alumni memberships are dual memberships that provide access to former Collectors to stay engaged and get access to events, artist reveals and more.

Patron memberships are open to everyone, every year.


5. What is the refund policy?


We cannot issue refunds. Your subscription fee is used to fund the artist commission of new work and every dollar counts. Once you subscribe as a Collector, we cannot transfer your subscription to another person.

You are welcome to gift your artwork to a friend.



6. I'm a Collector / Patron, can I bring guests to events?


Events are open to the Commissioner community unless otherwise noted. Some events are open to the public.

Collector memberships include one guest for events; Patrons who want to bring a guest should sign up for a dual membership.

Alumni memberships for Season One Collectors are also able to bring a guest.

Pérez Art Museum Miami

Pérez Art Museum Miami

7. I'm a Collector, how do I get my art?


Great question, we are so glad you asked: Collectors should pick up their artwork at artist reveal events. If you are not able to attend, we will have the art couriered to you for a fee. While we are happy to offer this option, we’d love to have you at the events.


Have more questions? Write us here.