When Big Art Money Isn’t the Only Game in Town


This week founder of Art Market Liaison, Laura Raiffe, writes a piece for The New Tropic called When big art money isn’t the only game in town diving into the art world and highlighting topics discussed in the acclaimed film The Price of Everything.

Laura is a charismatic art professional, Miami native and founder of Art Market Liaison, an art advisory firm specializing in selling works of art from private collections.

An excerpt from the piece: “However, in today’s art market, people approach collecting in radically different ways. You see, the past 30 years have seen a shift in the art market. On Wednesday, November 7 at Silverspot Cinema in downtown Miami, Commissioner and Art Market Liaison will be introducing the award-winning documentary film, The Price of Everything, that lifts the veil on this booming industry, interviewing important stakeholders that have led the change on this dynamic market.” Read more of the piece on The New Tropic here.


On November 7 at 7:30 PM, Commissioner and Art Market Liaison are teaming up to present a special screening of The Price of Everything in Downtown Miami.