Commissioner Wins a Knight Foundation Grant

Thanks to the Art Newspaper for covering our story of receiving a Knight Foundation grant! Here's a clip from the story: The Miami-based John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced a total of $2.5m in grants on Monday (4 December) awarded to 43 arts organizations and individuals. The funding is part of the Knight Arts Challenge Miami, which aims to promote creativity—in everything from visual arts, to theatre, music and dance—in South Florida. “It’s part of our mission to make art general in Miami, so that everyone can experience high-quality art where they live and work,” says Victoria Rogers, the vice president of arts at the foundation.

Some of this year’s winners include... And Dejha Carrington, a local arts advocate and facilitator, will invest $90,000 into Commissioner, a subscription art service that strives to enlarge the collector base in Miami.

“Think of it like a wine club for art: every three months our members—or Commissioner Collectors—will receive an artwork, art object, or limited edition work of art by a local on-the-rise or mid-career artist,” explains Carrington by email. “Ultimately,” she adds, “with the support of the Knight Foundation, our limited-edition subscription will bring an approachable, hands-on introduction to art collecting to an emerging community of local patrons.”

The Knight Arts Challenge Miami includes only two stipulations: candidates acquire additional funding that matches the foundation’s grant, and the project must benefit greater Miami. “Our winners go beyond the hype to dig deep into what it means to be of and from Miami," says Victoria Rogers, the vice president of arts at the foundation. Read more

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