Prism Spreads the Word About Commissioner

Prism Creative Group helps share the Commissioner mission with a feature on their site, highlighting how we’re breaking down the barriers of art collecting.

”A distinct shift in consciousness is occurring in Miami as the arts begin to receive the caliber of attention they deserve. This rise in creative opportunities and platforms–expedited by large-scale happenings like Art Basel or the popularity of Wynwood’s arts district–has changed the entire intellectual narrative of a city once synonymous with shoulder pads and drug trafficking.

With this spike in creative potential has come a new wave of platforms for local artists. But that doesn’t necessarily mean more people are buying their art. In fact, art forms that were once (and still are) considered “high end” have had to find new ways to expand their audience and become more inclusive. Enter: Commissioner. The subscription-based program that helps new art collectors own works of their very own at affordable rates while ensuring local artists and their works stay, well, commissioned.” Read more here →

Joanna Davila