Commissioner Featured in Miami New Times

From a piece titled Commissioner Lets Novice Art Collectors Own a Piece of Typoe's Work

Miami's arts scene has changed much in recent history, as local artists are finding more funding and larger audiences for their work. But one aspect of the arts in Miami has remained stubbornly unchanged: local buyers' lagging interest and lack of ability to purchase art for their own collections.

Commissioner, a program by Carrington Projects launching today, sets out to close that gap. Blending elements of subscription boxes, crowdfunding campaigns, and VIP memberships, Commissioner reimagines art buying for the average Miamian...

"It's not only about receiving something in the mail," explains Dejha Carrington. "No, we want you to go to the artist's studio or the installation they're producing or the arts event so you can be around your peers and have this network of learning. There's something important about the collective experience of discovery — about being fully immersed and understanding what it is that you're receiving. Artwork isn't all about the final output; it's about understanding the [artist] and buying into this vision." 

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Joanna Davila