Inside the Artist Studio | Laura Raiffe and Sheila Elias

Last week we had the honor of hosting an event with two incredible women who are a force in the Miami art scene, art consultant Laura Raiffe and artist Sheila Elias.

The event, The Art Market | A conversation about buying and selling art with Laura Raiffe, was held on Saturday, May 4, and focused on the business of the art market; namely, buying, selling and building your art collection.

The talk was held salon style in the studio of artist Sheila Elias - also a collector in her own right. It was incredible blending of perspectives from the collector, the artists, and those just learning.

About Laura 
Laura Raiffe, founder of Art Market Liaison, specializes in selling works across the global art market and guiding clients through the art world's many complexities. Laura's talk shed light on the business of art.

"[Art] isn’t only about economic value. Collecting is a passion and a pastime, and investing in and supporting artists will only drive their value higher. Take a note from our Miami collectors, and make art collecting a well-researched, educated effort. Information is power: Get to know your local artists β€” visit their studios, ask questions, attend their gallery and museum shows, and introduce them to your friends and work colleagues. Make regular trips to local galleries, who rely on the local market to stay in business."

Read more about Laura and her views in "When big money isn't the only game in town."  

About Sheila 
Sheila Elias is a multidisciplinary Miami-based artist. Her work reflects the layers of life and art history, seeking in it a connection between art aesthetics and social consciousness, expressed alongside an undercurrent of technology. She is also a prolific collector with works from Frank Stella, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.

Click through below to see images of the event.

Joanna Davila