Commissioner Featured in Biscayne Times

Written By Stuart Sheldon, artist and Biscayne Times contributor, A Commissioner Collection shares the story of how Commissioner came to be and the founders behind it.

Some of our favorite quotes from the story highlight the heart of Commissioner’s mission: “While Commissioner aims to connect emerging collectors to artists, at its core - when you distill the language - we’re really focused on connecting people to people. I’m in it for the stories, for the relationships, for the curiosity and the culture,” says co-founder Dejha Carrington.

Carrington’s partner on Commissioner, Rebekah Monson, is the technical brain and co-founder of the online sites WhereBy.Us and The New Tropic. Born in small-town Alabama, Monson says she joined Commissioner because she knew nothing about collecting art. “Dejha has this deep and broad expertise in the arts, and I’ve learned a lot about building digital communities, engagement, and systems.... It made sense to me that we could join forces and help other people who might be struggling with how to dig deeper into supporting arts and artists.”

Adds Carrington: “Art is about so much more than objects and openings. Art is about our humanity - our stories, our values, our dreams, our struggles, our triumphs, our connections. And we believe that the key to helping the arts thrive in Miami is to build deeper human connections between the locals who live here and the artists creating in this community.”

Published this week, read more here.

Joanna Davila